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  1. robrob74

    UFA 2021

    I thought this earlier too. A lot say it’s a good deal for a few years, but the last two are going to be cap killers. I think this type of player is about 4-4.5M and I get you gotta pay the price in UFA. It’s why you gotta draft better than better. We are drafting better, but the bar was so low that this seems refreshing. maybe we are wrong and it’ll be fine for the duration. My bet is that when we have to re-up a player like Johnny or Tkachuk’s contracts, we will have to find a way to clear cap space. I am still interested in seeing how this all plays out but I am on the fence this time.
  2. I’ve become a bit more optimistic as the day went on. Lewis is kind of an insurance for the 4th line. I hope he can still play. At least he’s proven. And costs nothing. I like what I’ve heard about Zadorov so far. Could be a good fit with Andersson and allow Ras to play the offensive role. Listening to Zaddy today, he seems to think he has another level to give on the offensive side of his game. Not sure he’d get a chance to showcase that in a Sutter system. But we need to get harder to play against. Coleman does that too. I think that if you get enough of that type of player, it can become infectious and hype the rest of the team up. It’s when most of the team doesn’t go, tends to drop these kind of guys down because it sucks to be the only one doing the work. interesting to see what else happens. while I don’t like signing an older Lewis, I see the reasoning. I get the frustration of not allowing a kid to take one of those spots, but I don’t have faith that some of our young are able to pull their weight on a fourth line. I mean, I’d prefer them to play minutes to develop. Gawdin is OK. We won’t know what Rucizka will be like but I don’t think he is super close, but maybe ready for some call ups. I would rather players play in roles that you want them to play. Keep their skills going so they continue to develop. I think there’s a danger of killing the skill if they don’t keep it up. I with Travel on development. Stop getting veterans to play top minutes in the AHL. Play the prospects in roles you expect them to play in the NHL. Drill it into them to play! I get you can’t just give it to them, but still gotta develop them. if a prospect is better than Lewis, he can beat him out. Lewis’ deal is cheap.
  3. robrob74

    UFA 2021

    Trevor Lewis for the 4th line at under 1M...
  4. Ok, so it's not as bad as they say. I just hear a lot of radio hits talk about how if he doesn't play the year, it could be a blow and surely the GM's job.
  5. robrob74

    UFA 2021

    I heard someone on the Fan say that teams were going to take him in the 2nd round so it just looks bad on Montreal (AND RIGHTFULLY SO!) but another team was going to do it. I think the NHL needs to do more to ban players that have these kinds of problems that come with them. He wanted out of the draft, if it’s a court case, ban him until it clears up. not at all giving the Canadiens a pass. I don’t think anyone should have touched this guy. we need tougher standards for this kind of behaviour.
  6. thing about Eichel. If he is going to be a year or most of the first year out, could be a good add to the team for a playoff run (Kucherov)… if it only takes futures and no roster players, are we better and good enough to get in? And in the end of the season, add Eichel to a team. We could use his 10m LTIR to fill out the roster, for this year.
  7. robrob74

    UFA 2021

    I agree with you, I am just thinking 3-4 years down the road when players like him tend to break down. We will love it for 2-3 years. So that’s great! I am sure I will love the player and if Travel is right, maybe he becomes a 45+ point player with the Flames. He’ll definitely have better opportunities here.
  8. robrob74

    UFA 2021

    I get it, I do like that, just worried about the fit, and price. but you pay for it in FA.
  9. robrob74

    UFA 2021

    I dunno either. But you look at his numbers and it’s horrible. I’d say a step up from Lucic, but not much more… so I think it’s bad. Another bad play in UFA, paying big to fill a need.
  10. robrob74

    UFA 2021

    36 points as a career high. I guess you pay for intangibles? 4.9 is a lot for someone only with such a low career high. Yikes!
  11. robrob74

    UFA 2021

    same with Landeskog. He stayed on the cheap! Good situation. This is how I think some players have to think, leave a touch on the table to be a competitive team? Maybe.
  12. I fully agree! we did develop Andersson well, but other than that, Kylington is a dumpster fire. Kulak, maybe you could make a case for him over someone as he’d fit in ok in our bottom 6. I say that because I’d rather Valamaki get big minutes in the AHL instead of rotting with 6-10 min a game. other than that, I don’t think the AHL were deep on D. We’d have seen more graduation if they were. And I think that if we didn’t draft D because we thought we had too many, that was poor foresight because now we don’t have any.
  13. totally agree with this. I am surprised anyone at that level signs with Calgary. I get that players have to earn it, but at the same time, if they’re not put in a position to get experience in the situations of the game, they can’t develop to get better at that situational play. Is that what you’re getting at?
  14. yup, and like Lou said up top there, that usage could be a big thing with this team and to further your point about the lack of PP success. I wonder what the goal rate is when they set up Lindholm in the shooter position on the left of the slot for a one timer in comparison to him playing the right side same spot? It seems he got 2-3 goals from that spot alone and set up there maybe 6 or 7 times throughout the year. I am no mathematician but that’s about 35-40% success rate. But teams would adjust… but still, having that danger could open space. we need to have players that can play there…
  15. hell, I might be inclined to retain $2M but then the cost there basically makes you pay possibly $2-3M to fill his role. May as well just keep him. So a $1M might be the right retain value. For me, I think I get why the coaches like him, and I like it too, his compete and try… but for the minutes on the PP, would giving that to maybe Mangiapane be more beneficial to the team?
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