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  1. Trots has turned that Franchise around. Thats what a good coach does and listening to that coach is what a good GM does.
  2. I see in Skinners future a sore hip or shoulder, or an allergic reaction to his equipment. Buffalo could trade skinner and a high draft pick to one of TBL, Det, or Chicago who are masters at utilizing LTIR.
  3. 1)Lucic 2)Ryan 3)Stone 4)Backland 5) Bennett 6) Gaudreau 7)Riddich
  4. It's time the Flames got a pick in the top 3 a reward for all their hard work (or lack thereof)
  5. Now these are the Flames I faithfully cheered for many a decade. They play like crap till they are out of the playoffs . Then play like hell to obtain a high pick. Will continue to cheer for them for the next few decades.
  6. We ask Who are the Flames? but we don't ask Who are the Senators? I'll answer that! Cup contenders in 3 years.
  7. I thought Ottawa was the worst team in the league. I was mistaken they are the second worst.
  8. I actually saw some effort out of the Flames last night. Johnny and Tkachuk looked a little lost and mostly ineffective. 3rd and 4th lines stepped up and that gives me confidence going forward. Hanafin is starting to break out (need him on the PP) On Ritchie; All game I was comparing him to Josh Anderson (which BT tried to acquire for that position) and am glad we didn't break the bank to get him. As TD said Ritchie needs to understand the workings of JG and Mony but if he can he will create space for the duo. Mangiapane; Just love his game as I think he brings effort with a big E. I would like to see a Mangi Ryan Dube line a little small but all 3 play 2 x larger.
  9. I think Sutter will get us back to the heavy forecheck similar to a NYI game.
  10. It's also a clear message to BT. Sutter will be in 100% control of the bench and will have a strong opinion on trades.
  11. 1) a rejuvenated Geo 2) You will see Tkachuk start to excel in his game without the frustration. 3) You will see Lucic with a more leadership roll possibly an A 4) 4 consistent lines rolling 5) No effort No play
  12. This IMO would be the best case as Torts would kick some lazy Hash Rate.
  13. If ownership brings in a new GM That GM will replace Ward. I am a supporter of BT but will quickly turn against him if he doesn't improve the coaching staff.
  14. Who knows you might get a couple free tickets for the advice.
  15. I predict Laine will be traded in the coming weeks. Roslivic was the piece from Wpg that Cbj wanted. Do you think Torts would put up with Laine? Laine gets a bruise or breaks a nail and he is on IR. Please BT NOT a Laine for Money trade.
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