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  1. Reminiscent of Michael Ferland.
  2. Lumber is up 250%, steel maybe the same. Tack that onto a billion dollar project and..................well lets pause a minute, or maybe forever.
  3. BT is not going anywhere, nor should he. FA’s have been getting over paid across every sports league since the beginning of time, nothing new there. SB is going to FLO to be SB. He will never live up to his 4OA selection. Thank goodness BT resisted signing SB long term when other teams were giving out 6x6 to kids like bags of candy. SB and Lomberg are going to rip it up, yeah! I do wish the best for SB though. The Flames should be getting credit for nurtured him into the man he is today. But no, we want to talk about over paying FA's.
  4. Yup. Will struggle to find ice time under DS regime.
  5. Huh? Nobody wanted Ryan at the beginning of season on waivers because the cost was full salary. Even if we ate 100% to gain a late round pick I think we'd be better off than status quo because I'm not seeing the player resigning. We are eating 100% anyway, may as well have a pick come back, unless the focus is on winning now. Are we winning now or building now?
  6. Not a bad TDL for BT and the Flames. The only way it could have been better was if they moved Ryan. Obviously there was nothing offered for him because I'm not seeing him back next season, even at league minimum.
  7. Writing was on the wall for Sam a long time. He left the org saying nothing but good things about it, the org had nothing but good things to say publicly about Sam. The split couldn't have gone better. Full marks to both sides for taking the high road on this one and looking like a professionals. Flames got a nice return. Sam gets an opportunity elsewhere. My advice to Sam would be to leave his gloves on until after he gets a new contract. The last thing FLO needs is Sam gone with a broker finger, minus 2 second round picks and nothing to show for it.
  8. Hall is no use to them, Lazar is finished plus a salary dump next year. BUF got something from nothing.
  9. Most of the ingrediencies are there with the exception of the lottery pick spice. EDM and TO seen to have found the rare spice but they had to loiter outside the food bank for years on end. Maybe a little more marination with new chef may help. How is the chili in DET these days? I prefer ground beef in my chili and stewing beef in stew.
  10. Edwards obviously rubber stamped the hire but I seriously doubt he made the Sutter hire. No secret BT wants a hybrid team, one that can do it all. But our core does not compare to TB core. We have nobody that compares to Stampkos, Point, Hedman, Segachev, Vasilevski. We got an undersized Johnny in the sixth round and we are hanging our hat on him hoping for the promise land.
  11. Hockey purists? You mean like Don Cherry? Obviously you missed the head lines about 2 pros capable of making appropriate decisions, hence the topic. And you completely missed the point of having responsible refs police their zone, and not the outcome of the game. Nobody mentioned backrooms or basements, pretty sure the suggestion was along the glass or similar with best view and cutting edge tech to support. When a captain skates over to talk to a ref have you ever him return satisfied or call over turned? I haven’t, so what is the point of skating over there? If you like the imperfect game so much then bite your lip about “being so sick of changing standards in a game or from one game to the next”. More eyes on the game, making the best decisions in real time was the suggestion while removing two obstacles on the ice.
  12. That's what I meant about the red and green lights. If red light appears around the perimeter of the glass then it is a delayed call on the visiting team. If a green light appears its going against the home team. Colors are just an example. No more looking back to see if ref has an arm up and no more guessing which team he is calling. There are 3 zones on the ice. One ref responsible for each zone, he calls everything in his zone only. One ref for each net, he calls everything related to the goalie plus evaluates all goals. That is 5 nameless and faceless refs, with every technical tool and camera angle at their disposal. Spot light shines down on where face off will occur after each play. Not saying this is bullet proof but a possible means of removing 2 skating officials from the ice who can determine the outcome of a game.
  13. Maybe it is time to remove the two referees from the ice entirely. Leave the linesmen out there to continue to do their job. With all the camera's and camera angles in the building today refereeing could be done from the rafters or along the glass. You could have multiple referees per games responsible for certain areas of the ice. If a ref see's an infraction he could signal to the entire arena by way of whistle over loud speaker if the play is dead or in the case of a delayed call illuminate lights around perimeter of glass, green light is home team, red light is visiting team so players know which side is being called. When the play is dead an announcement is made. Penalized player leaves the ice. No more arguing with the ref.
  14. Maybe the expectations for MT are too high for some. You bench players for not pulling on the "team" rope. MT does his fair share of pulling. MT is tied for 2nd on the team for total points. He has 5 pts in last 5 games and is a +5 over the same period. Not sure why we would consider benching such player and embarrassing him in front of bro and family, while damaging his relationship with the team. If it's the MT shenanigan's you miss, we can save that for playoff hockey because it is not sustainable throughout the season. I think MT is fine.
  15. If OTT takes another 2 pts from us you would look like a genius.
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