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  1. ABC923

    UFA 2021

    To me this is shaping up to be another dud of an offseason. I don’t see any big trades coming, so it looks like a run back of last season’s team. At least pitlick and Coleman are better adds than Leivo or Simon, but that contract is pretty rich.
  2. ABC923

    UFA 2021

    If we sign gudbranson, I may puke. Just in the middle of my day, not knowing anything has happened, I may just vomit spontaneously as the ink is drying on the paper before the announcement is even made.
  3. ABC923

    UFA 2021

    Ritchie could be interesting. I’d take a look at Ryan Donato as well.
  4. So the salary structure seems odd to me, and I got curious about what a buyout might look like down the line (for the record, I’m not predicting a buyout, just curious how the structure would affect things). According to cap friendly, if Florida buys out the last 2 years on the contract, the cap hit is actually negative in year 3 (not by much, but still) and less than 1/3 of Sam’s cap hit in year 4. So having higher base salary in later years of a contract makes them easier to buyout. I know this isn’t new, but I thought it was interesting.
  5. I get the love for Eichel, but he's been with Buffalo for a while and they are still a dumpster fire. Why should it be any different here, especially minus the guys we would have to give up to get him?
  6. I'll admit I have my doubts he will live up to that contract, but FLA really couldn't give him a one year prove it deal. Bennett leveraged his RFA status and strong performance over a small sample size into a good deal for himself with solid pay and stability. Good for the player, and hopefully he rewards his team for having faith in him.
  7. Agreed on Lucic. Your captain doesn't need to be the best player, but he shouldn't be a boat anchor either. I'm also not convinced he's as well liked and respected in the dressing room as we may think. He strikes me as a guy that half the team loves and the other half can't stand; making a guy like that captain could exacerbate problems rather than fix them. I don't currently see a captain on this team. Maybe Tanev, but that's reaching.
  8. ABC923

    UFA 2021

    Hyman is not a bad pick-up for the oilers, whose achilles heal remains scoring depth. That said, if they blow all their cap on Hyman they won't have enough to fill out their defense. There's a real possibility that Keith is their second best defensman this year unless one of the young guys takes a step. Couple that with running out Smith as their starter, and they could actually fall below us in the standings. Small improvements to scoring depth don't matter if your defensive game falls off a cliff. Could still use a buyout and sign a guy like Hamilton, but if there's one location UFAs avoid more than CGY, its EDM. Would cost a very shiny penny to lure him back to Alberta.
  9. Rumor currently is that Seattle made no side deals. Hard to believe with some of the players they left on the table. That said, they have real cap space to go after a guy like Hamilton or Landeskog now, maybe both. While I don't think the Kraken are as strong as the knights were, they may make the playoffs given the dreck that is the Pacific division. If they sign both Hamilton and Landeskog, and their goaltending holds up, they will contend for the division title. While it sucks to lose Gio, the team needs a culture shake up. Could be a blessing in disguise.
  10. Hearing that Gio will be announced as the first captain of the Kraken.
  11. Oddly, Brock Boeser is in trade rumours again. Not sure what’s going on over there in Van, but they need cap space. Great player, not sure what the ask is, but we could afford a prospects for player trade if Gio gets taken.
  12. Tkachuk wanting out would be ludicrous. He’s coming off a bad season on a team that had a bad season. Sure there seems to be a schism in the room, but change has to be coming regardless. Heck, Gio could be gone. Tkachuk isn’t a player like Bennett, who’s development stalled out, he’s a first line player with the highest salary on the team. If one un-fun year is all it takes for him to want out, then good riddance. I’d rather someone with more mental toughness and commitment to the flaming c than that. I don’t believe it’s true to be frank.
  13. Wouldn't shock me if CAR has a handshake deal with Hamilton not to sign until after the expansion draft. That way if he gets picked by Seattle, he just chooses not to sign, hits UFA and immediately signs with CAR. CAR gets to retain him without protecting him.
  14. My suspicion is that longer contracts are on their way out. Contracts like Neil, Bobrovski, Skinner, Karlsson and others show how quickly longer term contracts can go bad (and how devastating they can be to a team). This is especially true in a flat cap era. That’s not to say that all long term contracts are bad, just that they are risky. If I were a GM, I would never sign a ufa to a contract longer than 6 years, and only a few players are worth risking 6 years (Hamilton is one). Otherwise I’d stick to 4-5 year contracts.
  15. Scorched Earth never really works, simply that if you are looking to trade say 10 players off our roster you will be giving some of them away. There simply isn’t a trade market big enough to absorb that many players from a single team. If you wanted to trade Gaudreau, Monahan, Tkachuk, and Lindholm in the same off season for picks, you aren’t getting 1st rounders back in more than 2 of those trades. Each player added to the trading block dilutes the market and returns diminish with each move.
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