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  1. I absolutely love the thought of this top 6 Gaudreau-Eichel-Tkachuk Mangiapane-Lindholm-Coleman That top line could easily see all three skaters averaging a pt/g. That Lindholm line would spend a lot of time in the attacking end for a so-called "shutdown line". If BT doesn't make another move, I can see the Flames *possibly* being a playoff team. If they get Eichel I think it completely changes the conversation. They have the abiltiy to go Eichel/Lindholm/Backlund down the middle. You can argue that's the best C depth in the West, if not the league. But without getting a head of myself, with Eichel the Flames could challenge the Golden Knights for top spot in the Pacific. They already have better depth than EDM, they just don't have that stud centre.
  2. I agree. Some point to Monahan's Southern Ontario connection, but I don't see it. I can't see him wanting to head to Buffalo. If the Flames were to do this, I think the play has to be sending Monahan elsewhere. It's well known that Buffalo doesn't want NHL players, they want futures. I have no clue what Monahan's value is, but say you get a 2nd and a 3rd (Arvidsson deal). Probably underwhelming given what Monahan has meant to the franchise, but it frees up the cap space to get an Eichel deal done and it also gives you some extra capital. I'd imagine BT's offer consists of a 1st and two 2nd's (Hamonic and Hamilton deals) + whatever futures it takes to push the deal across the finish line. The Flames have decided they should go for it. Look at their UFA signings the past two seasons. Right now they are "half pregnant". If they are indeed serious about this, they should pay up and land Eichel. Even if he misses 20 games, you still have 4 full seasons of him under contract.
  3. https://oilersnation.com/2021/07/30/dfo-rundown-cost-for-joonas-korpisalo-might-be-mikko-koskinen-dmitri-samorukov-and-a-first-round-pick/ Oiler fans better hope this doesn't materialize. Korpisalo has been extremely inconsistent as an NHLer. 2015/16- .920 2016/17- .905 2017/18- .897 2018/19- .897 2019/20- .911 2020/21- .894 Not the type of tender I'd want to spend a 1st and Samorukov on. Koskinen as an Oiler 2018/19- .906 2019/20- .917 2020/21- .899 Sure the Oilers free up cap room in this deal, but there's an argument to be made that Koskinen has been better than Korpisalo in recent years.
  4. I do think the Flames would need to involve a 3rd party to facilitate an Eichel trade. Calgary would need to move salary to make it work. The obvious candidate is Monahan. He's got a 10 team no list. I acknowledge that Buffalo is close to home for him, but I think it's realistic that the Sabres aren't the most attractive destination right now as they head into another rebuild. That's where the Flames would need to find someone on Monahan's "yes" list. There are in theory, 22 options. An example could be To CGY- Eichel To CBJ- Monahan To BUF- Korpisalo, Bunch of futures from Calgary for Eichel. Issue is Buffalo needs to take on salary. They are nowhere near the cap floor.
  5. A creative idea. The longer this Eichel saga drags out, the more I think the Flames can get him. Vegas can't, they need to ship out 10 mill just to bring Eichel in. Wild are rumoured to be out, which makes sense with the dead cap they have in the coming years. Unrelated, but man, what a turtle derby it's gonna be between Buffalo and Arizona this year for 32nd, just like 2015. The Sabres have a Craig Anderson and Aaron Dell tandem, and right now Arizona has Carter Hutton and Josef Korenar
  6. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if he’s asking 9.5. Sure he “loves being in Calgary”, but does he love it at 7.5 or 9.5? Stone and Kucherov got 9.5 as well, I’m not sure he’d even get that from the Flyers, but he may try
  7. Welcome to Calgary, Blake Coleman! Like the signing or not, he has the most term of any Flame player, probably deserving of his own thread. I think Flames fans will really enjoy his game.
  8. Can't remember who, it may have been Friedman, but I've heard it suggested that the Gaudreau camp wanted to see what Landeskog ended up getting on the market. This may help the Flames, Landeskog taking 7x8. I'm not suggesting that Gaudreau will sign for that, but it certainly plays into the Flames favour. If Landeskog would have gotten 9, then I'm not sure there would be a Gaudreau extension that makes sense. A Gaudreau extension probably hasn't been on the front burner for BT. Been a busy few weeks with expansion, draft weekend and now UFA. Be interested to see if they can work anything out between now and camp.
  9. I liked the Oilers trade of Foegele for Bear. Gives them a solid 3rd line winger so they don't need to rush Holloway into the lineup. Bear is a good player, but was never able to earn the trust of that coaching staff. I have no idea what they are doing with their defence. Nurse is a stud and a legit #1 D, but aside from that, yikes. Nurse-Barrie Keith-Ceci Russell-Bouchard Lagesson I see a group that is going to have a lot of troubles in their own end. That Ceci deal really surprised me, I can see that being one they end up regretting in 2 seasons. Not to mention they are going back to Koskinen/Smith again. I think the Oilers will be a playoff team thanks to 97 and 29, but I still don't love the rest of that team. They'll need to dip into LTIR just to get Yamamoto and Foegele done. Yamamoto is in that 2-2.5 range and Foegele has arb rights, he will earn a raise from his 2.1. This was the first offseason in a long time that the Oilers finally had cap space and to be honest, I don't think they are better. Hyman will fit in well, but the top 6 in EDM was never the issue. The defence could be a mess. I don't trust anyone they will be trotting out there aside from Nurse. They are just asking for regression from their goaltending. Smith at age 39 won't be posting his best season since 2012 again.
  10. It's absolutely no different than if the Flames signed Aaron Dell or Devan Dubnyk. If they wanted to waive him, guess what? Waivers. That's the reality of players that aren't on entry level deals. It's a moot point because Vladar is gonna be the Flames backup. If he does end up on waivers it would be because he struggled. Unfortunately, the aisle of .930 slam-dunk backups was empty in free agency today.
  11. Pretty solid day for the Flames. I'm not a massive Zadorov fan, but I get why the Flames did it. The D market was crazy today. Zadorov doesn't come with a long term commitment necessarily like a Ceci or Forbort. Flames can do 1yr if they really want with Zadorov. The Coleman signing surprised me, because I just didn't see him choosing Calgary. I posted last night that I thought the Backlund deal, 5.3x6 might entice him. The Flames got him for less which is a nice surprise. This is a very good player and I think Flames fans will really enjoy watching him play. Not a ton if mileage either, 301 games. Lewis made a ton of sense for Calgary. Cheap, bottom 6 guy, versatile and can kill penalties. Clearly someone Sutter trusts. I didn't necessarily love surrendering a pick for a backup, but I get it. The backup market exploded today and to be honest, it may have been a tough sell getting a veteran to Calgary, knowing how much they will play Markstrom. Vladar has a ton of upside and is likely better at this point than a Dubnyk or Dell, names still on the market.
  12. The cap is flat. A backup making close to league minimum carries a lot of value and the difference between a Vladar and Reimer or Jones at this point is likely very small at best.
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