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  1. A fast start was really important tonight with two games within 24 hours as the legs may start to get heavier as the game goes on, which we got and that seems to have continued in to the second. Hopefully they can continue to build on this two goal lead.
  2. Noticed this as well. Anyone else is sitting for embellishment.
  3. I’m interested to see what this means for Benny. As mentioned Sutter likes the big physical bodies and Benny is that, was it a war do issue and can Sutter convince him to stay and play that role and at C or is it too far gone and Benny still wants out.
  4. Nate Schmidt to Vancouver for a 3rd round pick in 2022
  5. Yeah, I've lucked out again with the start times. 7.30am, 12.30pm, 12.30pm and a 4.00am to start the series.
  6. Saymzies


    With Elliott having an individual 10 game win streak, does anyone know what the Flames record is?
  7. Thought I’d have a go... Im more than likely well off the mark and probably have some over/under payments but i have tried to make it equitable for all involved. To Calgary · Pick 3 · Scott Hartnel – 4.75M Calgary Take on $1.17M and pick 3 in the draft. To Columbus · Pick 5 · Rights to Wotherspoon - RFA · Mikael Backlund - $3.57M · Pick 56 – CGY Columbus save $1.17M and gain pick 5 and pick 56. To Vancouver · Pick 6 OA · Boone Jenner - $2.9M · Rights to Tyler Wotherspoon - RFA · Pick 32 – CBJ Vancouver take on 2.9M, the rights to Wotherspoon as well as pick 6 and 32 in the draft. If Calgary can shed one of the contracts of Wideman/Raymond or have Smid go on LTIR or retire $1.17M shouldn’t be a lot of trouble to take on. I can’t see Columbus having an issue with acquiring Backlund, pick 5 and pick 56 in exchange for pick3 and Calgary taking on a bad contract. This is where it gets a bit sticky, it will be hard to convince Vancouver to (1) help Calgary move up in the draft, (2) Move down a spot in the draft and (3) have the ability to take on the 2.9M however they get compensated with 2 picks (6 & 32) and a young centre who put up 49 points in his 3rd year and the option of signing Wotherspoon.
  8. Saymzies


    Blues acquire goalie Anders Nilsson from Oilers in exchange for minor league goalie Niklas Lundstrom and a 5th round pick this year. Depth move from the blues or something else in the works?
  9. What are the thoughts on Blake Wheeler? Not sure what it would take to get him out of Winnipeg but the Flames could use a big RW as has been stated. We would need to shed some salary to fit his 5.8M in and I'm not sure Winnipeg would want to take a lot of salary on if they want to resign Byfuglien, Ladd and Trouba.
  10. Noted. I must have missed the part about Coburn being UFA when I was looking at the Cap figures.. even though the sit next door to one another. I was trying to make it as even as possible but have clearly missed the mark on what we throw back to the table.
  11. Hi all, I just thought I’d have a go at a potential trade. I haven’t gone into any of the in depth stats but have tried to get the cap hits roughly in the ball park. Please feel free to shoot it down but at the same time be kind. Cheers. To Calgary Hamonic - 3.8 cap hit 2nd or 3rd round pick Current cap hit – 73.934 - cap space 2.578 Cap hit post trade – 74.934 - cap space 1.578 To Tampa - Kris Russell 2.8 Cap hit Ryan Strome 0.3 cap hit Current cap hit – 77.326 - cap space 1.032 Cap hit post trade – 74.626 - cap space 4.578 To Islanders - Coburn – 4.5 cap hit Emile Poirier 0 cap hit Current cap hit – 66.824 - cap space 6.157 Cap hit post trade – 67.524 - cap space 5.878 Calgary gain a solid top 4 stay at home defenseman and sure up the top 4 for 5+ years and a late pick in the draft. Tampa gain a warrior, shot blocking, puck moving defenseman as depth as well as a young C who won’t replace Stammer but can help fill the void IF he moves to Toronto and also frees up a little cap room. The Isles gain a solid defender who can assist Boychuk and Leddy with playoff experience and mentor the young defenders in the system and throw in Poirier who has good potential and looks as though he could use a change of scenery.
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