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  1. I'll reserve judgement until I see all angles. I don't love this or hate it from this angle, the main thing with the external look for me is that it fits in with other developments in the area. I care more about what's inside
  2. Without knowing the injuries I think Eichel is quite a bit better and at a more important position, my number #1 preference would be to find a way to get Eichel without giving up Tkachuk. I don't think I'd consider myself to be one to completely sour on Tkachuk, it was a down year for sure, I can't think of any Flames I've seen in my days watching them that haven't suffered down years a lot of different factors could have come into play there. For example, I think Matthew probably feeds off crowds a little more than some do. I think he'll be fine going forward, I have no doubts he can bounce back into a 30+ goal 70+ point guy. My only concerns with him going forward are if he wants to be here any longer than he has to be.
  3. I don't know the reliability of the source, but he's guaranteed to be right.
  4. sak22

    UFA 2021

    Well he played the 3rd line with Gourde making 5.2 million on a team with Tyler Johnson making 5 on the 4th line, and come playoffs was getting more ice time than Stamkos who makes 8.5. When St. Louis won Alex Steen was basically a 6 million 3rd liner. Mike Richards was a bottom 6 by LA's 2nd cup making over 5. With Coleman I think he was good enough to play on a higher line, but the team had no use to mess with their already effective top 6's with Point-Palat-Kucherov and Cirelli-Stamkos-Killorn. Guys like Jay Beagle get 3 million a year. 2.5 gets you Sean Kuraly who has never scored more than 10 goals in a season. Frederik Gaudreau and his 5 career goals just landed 1.2 million. 6 years may be too many but 4.9 isn't that bad, I'd take Coleman at 4.9 over Hoffman at 4.5, Granlund at 5, Wennberg at 4.5 or some of our old bottom pairing dmen like Forbort and Hamonic at 3.
  5. sak22

    UFA 2021

    Such a weird range for goalies in the system in terms of height. Markstrom, Vladar and Werner on the above average end and then Parsons and Wolf who are below the average height for goalies.
  6. Different positions and achievements. If Gaudreau is asking for Point money he may have troubles getting that even on the open market.
  7. Would've rather not had to give the pick, but would rather roll the dice on a younger guy with some promise than the veterans that were left on the market
  8. sak22

    UFA 2021

    Should be. He is better at every aspect except face punching.
  9. sak22

    UFA 2021

    Was hoping he'd come home. Too bad. I guess I'll keep my hopes up for Makar in 6 years.
  10. sak22

    UFA 2021

    The goaltending market is thinning. Reimer, Hutton, Dubnyk seem to be the only ones
  11. sak22

    UFA 2021

    He was at a near 50 point pace pro-rated this year playing on a 3rd line. It's 600K and one year less than Hyman who benefits from playing with superstars. Not a great deal, but for someone who complains about speed and effort, this is your guy.
  12. So it's now 8 from the 2013 first round that have been part of the organization. Hard to believe it was a highly touted class.
  13. sak22

    UFA 2021

    I put Garrioch in the same level as Eklund when it comes to the Flames. He knows nothing.
  14. It's not like there was no attempt to resign Hathaway. Guy probably wanted to be out east, let him go and half the fanbase criticizes if he beats the offer Washington gave him the other half of the fanbase will criticize. No win situation. Are we really still hung up on Kulak, Montreal added bodies at the deadline that would push him out of the lineup, we let him go to give younger guys like Kylington and Valimaki a shot, Paul Byron was 26 when he was let go, he essentially lost his job to younger guys like Ferland, Bennett, Jooris and Granlund. Some of those didn't pan out, but the only memories I have of Paul Byron as a Flame were his cheap shot on a Sedin and the many missed breakaways, good for him making the most of his time in Montreal, but I don't think he's that much of a miss. I don't think any of them are that big of misses.
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