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  1. best place right now for Johnny is the German National Team
  2. then there's no point in building a new arena as it'll be empry
  3. Noooooooooo..no more trades.Treliving.hasn;t a clue how to evaluate talent.or build a team.. He has to go before he makes any trades
  4. Eichel.and Hall from Buffalo. to Calgary for Monahan/Gaudreau/Bennett and Kylington
  5. anyone ever find out what his real reason for wanting out is>> I'd hate to play for Torts.. he's a wee bit of a wiener
  6. would love to ship out Monahan and Bennett for Dubois some time this year.. then trade Jonny hockey for assets as Dubois and Peltier make a natural pair but there is no room for him in the foreseeable future if roster remains the same
  7. okay them.. w h to paul baxter??
  8. whatever!! you're not following the posti t's STONE!!!! he's been with us for 5 fregggin years now.. Why???????
  9. yea but but but.. today they announced the sining of Stone!!! I thought we were up against the cap!! Did Stone catch someone with his hand in the cookie jar??
  10. whto.. pekka rautakellio
  11. pro scout for the rangers huh?? man has his career ever taken a different route.. lol got a chuckle though out of the fact his last coaching game was an 11-o loss to the canuckleheads
  12. any nhl team can lend any player that qualifies to any ahl team.. Thing is trying to place them on a team already run or owned by another nhl team.. We used to shear our ahl team with another team once upon a time
  13. 2 game point streak... can we get to... 15??
  14. bennett reminds me of Kevin Lavalee
  15. oh really?? I'd be getting a new agent.. lol
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