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  1. Poor Montreal with all their small players and big defense. The scorched earth is a good idea. We can have the Young Guns era for about 10 years while we trade and draft and trade. The problem with building only through the draft is you never get it right. You have to sign FA's and trade for vets to get to the right level.
  2. 5 years from now, a lot will look back and shake their heads. But really, the 1st round will probably have most that become NHL players. There will be a few that people go WTF, but they were probably risk/reward types over safe picks. I think it's going to be one of those drafts where teams ignore some of these ratings and just pick what's right for them. Teams with multiple picks will pick one from the list and then go way off the board. I've never put much stock in SI. Maybe they are really smart, but were they not really high on Ghost? And that's the thing isn't it. For every Weber, there are a bunch of Ghosts.
  3. The problem with this team is the lack of options for guys coming up in the ranks. You don't stick your best D prospect with a guy that hasn't been in the NHL in years. Expecting him to provide a balanced D with that guy is just wrong. Dube was moved to 1RW, even though he was a 3rd line guy in the playoffs. But, then again what other options were there? With Lucic and Backlund? With Gaudreau, supposedly our best scoring line? You need to have balance, like a line of similarly skilled players. Kylington suffered from the belief that guys like Forbort or Gus were the answer. Long standing NHL players. Neither were any better. While I agree that You should always strive to get players games and minutes, sometimes the play in the AHL works against them. The development actually stagnates. Most playoff teams realize the impact of young players, but also put them in line to succeed. Not here.
  4. And that's the 1m qustion. Has this been something that goes back to a few years ago? Is his skting a product of an injury not treated properly? I find it odd that he has a hip injury all of a sudden. Gillies had one and dealt with it the start of a season. But it was long before the season that he was impacted by it. Monahan has never been a speedster, but I found him able to keep up on rushes before. Not so much now. I think it is shocking that he was injured and they played him through it. Somehow, I think post recovery you see something resembling the first 6 years than the last 2.
  5. SI seems to have a low opinion of Lysell and a high opinion of L'Hereux. Not that I have ever believed half of what they write, but I find it interesting. What I find even more interesting is that they only have 6 D in the top 20, and just 4 of them are top 12. Hard to really argue against the makeup of the top 12, while placement is a bit more subjective.
  6. Robrob, just to be clear, I am not criticizing your opinion. You have valid points. Many here think he is done. Many here would like to trade him for whatever we can get. If there's something that improves the team, I am all for it.
  7. The point I was making is that we are hard on our own players. I doubt most here watch more than a quarter of any other teams games. What do most top line in the NHL have in common? 3 top NHL players, or at minimum 2 and a guy that can finish. MacKinnon has Rantanen and Landy. McDavid has Draisaitl. Tampa has 2 top lines, with the likes of Stamkos and Kucherov to match their top C's. The real secret to stopping Monahan is to injure him early enough. Or play him like we did Bennett, with crap wingers. I won't pretend that he is some kinda great 2-way player, but that wasn't the ask. I can get behind a trade to improve the team, but just don't expect any C we get to drive the play somehow by themselves.
  8. You are right. He only scored 22 goals as a rookie. Nowhere in the NHL is that worthy of a 2C. How quickly people forget that scoring goals isn't alway a perfect pass, it's sniping.
  9. Be sure to have that deal lined up while you are on the clock at the draft. Lots of GM happy to throw a late 1st for a proven NHL winger getting to the top of his game.
  10. The progression and decline of players is not linear. Nor is it ever the same for all players. Gaudreau was a late show to the game, as he had years in college. And a couple to get to the NHL size. Then he was unstopable. Then some teams figured a way to stop him. Then his sniper was injured. Then he found a new way to score. So you would argue that he is past prime. I get that and it's not wrong to want to trade to get better. Patty Kane is laughing at you. MSL is rolling his eyes. They know that smaller players invent and re-invent themselves. Trade him now, at a low point for the player, and get some okay assets. Maybe you get a player that has a lower trajectory and trade him at 25. One thing is certain, though. We do hang onto assets too long. Iggy, Gio, Cammi, Hamonic. Some not long enough. Jbow. Hammy. MSL. etc. I can understand not trading Gio. It was a selfish thing to want to keep a captain past his best year. Trading Backlund before Monahan makes sense. Trading Monahan before Tkachuk does too, but just from a trajectory sense. He's not done, just he needs to have a good line to pley with. Make the trades that make you better, not possibly, maybe better. Trading Mangiapane for a pick is just dumb. Is he worth a 1st from a cup winner? Wow, that's sad. A NHL player starting his peak for a 50/50 NHL player. Not even a top tier 50/50 player.
  11. SO, you look at one season and think this is proof of being past the peak? Okay, I guess you are right. Never mind the reasons for the decline. Never mind any other reasons.
  12. When you include and exclude, you ignore some basic things. Monahan had a poor season and an okay one. Both included some struggled by coaching to find good lines. I wouldn't consider a month or so with Backlund playing the wing to be a good idea. The only thing that makes Monahan not a #1 is that he doesn't drive the play himself. Then again, most have guys that make them better.
  13. If only we had the defense to go with the defensive play. Only a few teams are successful at that, and they usually have a core to envy.
  14. Statistical averages are fine, but don't do well at predicting individual players. To make matters worse, you are using old data. One would expect that a 33 year old Crosby would have much more wear and tear due to the era he was a standout. Or a 40 year old Seabrooke. Any exception is a blip in the graph, you won't even see. By using this graph as a predictor, Mangiapane already declined. Not even a single full season played and already on the decline. Never mind he was passed over in the draft. Or that he plied his craft in the AHL for two years. Him and Monahan and Gaudreau will see sharp declines in production. The graph already predicted it. I'm sure STL is losing sleep because ROR is 30 now. Must have been lucky to get anything out of him in his declining years from Age 25 on. All downhill for McDavid and Draisaitl. Poor EDM.
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