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  1. That all said, I'd really like to keep Chucky. Love.
  2. I found the RCMP documentation on this matter (a quick Google search for age of consent Canada), and was going to share it here. Then I realized that I felt really gross doing that. You have handled this query perfectly with this single sentence. As per usual, good Sir, I defer to you. Love.
  3. I was really hoping we'd draft that kid. Love.
  4. Bummer. I have all these plans for today, and I'm waiting on this pick so that I can get started. Bastards... Love.
  5. It could be exactly the right pick for them. I know goalies normally take a little bit longer, but they've got Smith for two years, and then they're gonna need a guy... Love.
  6. Y'know, I'm pretty excited about this pick. He's New York Italian, and I've got James Pietragallo in my head. He'll definitely have the boys over because he cares deeply about his sauce, he's got a cool nickname, and he wears my favourite number. Love.
  7. "Good strong wrist..." Phrasing, Bro. He's a teenager. Love.
  8. What's rhymin' with Hyman? Love.
  9. No doubt. I would hope that, too. I would be pretty surprised after last season, though. My initial thought was Tanev, and Lucic seems like a good choice, too - but I'm not sure that they'd go either way there. Then I thought about Lindholm, and eventually landed on Backlund because of Sutter. All I can do is guess, though, and roster changes are also a variable. Love.
  10. So who will be the next captain of the Flames? I realize it's pretty early to project, but barring significant roster changes, my money is on Mikael Backlund. Love.
  11. Yeah, there have been a lot of posts these past few days that have been pretty unfair in my opinion. It is a drag losing players for nothing, but I don't think that it is at the sole discretion of the GM. I don't think that Darryl Sutter was a Treliving hire, and I suspect that it was a mandate that came higher up the chain. I would suspect that they also would not have permitted him to trade the captain for futures when they believed that they were in the playoff race - despite what fans may think. They were never going to go out quietly, and they played right up until the end of the season. They missed, and it cost them. They'll probably lose Giordano, and their draft position is not optimal. We've seen this movie before, but the ownership group has the same mandate every year. They didn't hire Darryl Sutter to rebuild, and they're probably going to pay the price for that. The other thing that I have a hard time with when it comes to the asset management debate is that sometimes a player retires. I suspect that Mark Giordano would have happily played out his entire career in Calgary, and while I'm sure that he isn't totally stoked to (probably) be going to Seattle, he might have been even less excited about having been moved at the deadline for a second and third round pick. The guy doesn't owe us picks from Florida or Carolina, he gave us his entire career. I don't have any problem with these guys riding off into the sunset with some grace. Losing Gaudreau for nothing during his prime would be terrible asset management, but allowing a guy to play out his career in the colours that he loves is good for business, good for fans, and good for the organization. Love.
  12. And it was the coolest! That was the game where James Neil lost eight teeth! Love.
  13. My fear here is that the Flames ownership group is looking closely at the Habs success, and are feeling validated in their assertion that, "All you need to do is get in!" Love.
  14. You know, I really can't figure out what's wrong with him. His career has been an absolute roller coaster. It has to be in his head, and that's a real drag because I think that he could have had a great career. At 27, I can't imagine that he'll ever really put it together and light it up... but if you could get some consistency out of him, and not be so frustrated that you'd trade him for financial considerations, as has happened twice in the last 15 months, I wouldn't mind that target at all. Sadly, I don't think he'll ever find that consistency. Love.
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