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  1. Hey hey! I’m liking that suggestion TD if St. Loo will go for it. I’m not sure you can get both Tarasenko and Kyrou for Monahan alone, so asking them to eat $2m salary on top seems like a lot to me - but what do I know? If they’ll do it, go for it. But only if we’re getting Eichel as well. Will our cap work with Kyrou + Eichel + Tarasenko minus Monahan? We’d be pretty scary with Eichel and Tarasenko.
  2. Ottawa and VGK are looking for the C position allegedly. Bruce Garioch (of Ottawa) has reported many times about Monahan being available. Personally, I’m surprised something hasn’t materialized between us and Ott for Monahan since he’s not only an ontario boy, but he played for the Ottawa 67’s. He’s a known commodity there and a player the fan base knows well. But - that tells me that either Ottawa isn’t interested in Monahan, Melnyk isn’t interested in his salary (even though it’s a pretty good bargain), Ottawa isn’t interested in meeting our asking price, or we’ve been working another trade with Monahan involved. When I look at Buffalo’s roster and see how far from the cap floor they are and the fact they’re trading away a C in Eichel that makes $10m per season, I don’t see a scenario where “futures only” is a solution for them. Saying that, they’re not going to give Eichel away for spare parts making too much money - Skinner’s contract nullifies any kind of thinking like that - but, getting a C in return (Monahan) surely would be at least of interest to Buffalo. They need to fill that position that Eichel is going to leave vacant. It’s not a choice. Perhaps Mony won’t waive to go to Buffalo, though, I don’t think it would be as cut and dry as that given the proximity to family and Ontario and the Eastern timezone. Furthermore, he has been demoted to line 2 and separated from Johnny with Sutter’s arrival, so perhaps opportunity to regain his form and #1 C position would be somewhat of interest. Mony alone doesn’t make a trade happen of course, but my gut tells me that if we’re involved in any trade with Buffalo, Mony is a piece being discussed. Spitballing here - what if Mony and Chucky were involved in the trade? That, in my eyes, would significantly reduce the additional pieces required for an Eichel trade. It’s steep for sure, but does Monahan re-sign with us in 2 years playing as 2C? Chucky, as much as I like everything about him (his moxie, tenacity, future captain potential) there’s something about his game that doesn’t scream elite to me and he’s going to command $7-$9m per year? we also saw what happens when he loses his game… If there’s a way to keep Chucky you do it, if not, you say goodbye to a potential future captain to get a current-day captain, and get to keep more in the prospect pool to help fill out the team in years to come. Edit - I’d also be looking at including Kylington in that trade to Buff. They’re looking for D as well and he’s young and has potential. I’m a bit miffed that he hasn’t gotten a fair shake with us (not surprised tho - re: Bennett) but cut bait with the poor kid and give him a shot elsewhere. So, Mony + Kyller + 1 of Chucky *or* some variation of lottery protected 1st round picks / prospects.
  3. lou44291

    UFA 2021

    Perhaps his asking price was too high. And, does Lewis replace him as a need? also, Maybe letting Ritchie sit for a bit will get him thinking about joining his brother for less money. Maybe Eichel coming here will do the same.
  4. Hahaha - very similar posts you and I at the same time eh TBC? Great minds buddy. 😆 And just an FYI - Kevyn Adams did say futures *or* NHL players that can help the team now, so I don’t think he’d refuse an NHL roster player or 2. It just has to be what he’s looking for. Quite frankly, I don’t think we’re in the running for 1st overall this year or next year (to JJ’s dismay) due to the mandate from ownership and us continuing to acquire players to be a playoff team. That said, if we’re going to make a run for a cup, we’ll probably want to retain as many of our current roster players as possible. So, next year’s first overall would be on the table for me. Maybe even 2023’s. That thinking gets Eichel here to play with Johnny and Chucky. Maybe flip Mony for another position of need elsewhere.
  5. Go for it. If not because we haven’t had a bonified #1 C since Nieuwy, do it because clearly this team isn’t rebuilding given the recent acquisitions. So go for it. Push all your chips in. Screw these half-measures that only make us a middling team in the league. If we ain’t rebuilding, we going for it.
  6. Welcome to the C of Red Blake! Great to have you here and I’m looking forward to cheering you on! Go flames go!
  7. lou44291

    UFA 2021

    We don't want Ceci at all. He's going to be a trainwreck on the Oilers backend. I'm thankful they signed him and paid him as much as they did.
  8. lou44291

    UFA 2021

    Brossoit signed in VGK
  9. lou44291

    UFA 2021

    Apparently Rittich is going to the preds Halak to VAN
  10. lou44291

    UFA 2021

    I’m all for everything you posted here.
  11. lou44291

    UFA 2021

    I’m with you buddy. Expectations all around for this team are very low.
  12. lou44291

    UFA 2021

    I think Danault is worth the $5m. Doesn’t score a lot but shuts down the other team effectively and gets quite a few apples for setting up his teammates. My desire is he is a Backlund replacement. I wouldn’t want to have both.
  13. Oh absolutely Rob. Deployment on the PP has been an issue of mine when it comes to Looch. The only thing I can really think of as to why, would be that we don't have the right personnel on the team who are willing to go to the front of the net for a goal. It's true our team is very perimeter the way we play. Looch has no issue parking himself in front of the net. One way or another, we need players that are willing to do what it takes to win hockey games.
  14. Don't forget the Fleury to Chicago, and all of a sudden Vegas has Eichel money available.
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